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Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA) was established in 1994. This is a non-profit and non-political organization financed through the subscription by its 7000 members. This is the largest private business organization in the country serving the most important sector agriculture of the country, which plays vital role in national economy. The vision of the Association is to protect, develop, support and promote all measures and steps towards open/free competitive marketing, trade and manufacture of all fertilizers and plant nutrients in Bangladesh, to co-ordinate the efforts of the members of the Association and to serve and protect the interest of the farmers of the country. BFA is represented in different Government Committees related to policy making and agricultural development activities. The fertilizer importers, manufacturers of NPKS, SSP, micronutrient and organic fertilizers are the members of this Association. So long all related activities with fertilizers are dealt with by BFA; it plays key role of federation in agricultural sector. The Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA) has four regional and 64 district units all over the country to provide services at grass root level.

Earlier BFA worked with FAO under the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) on a project entitled Soil Testing and Fertility Management (ST&FM) subcomponent of ASIRP (UTF/BGD/030/BGD). The major objectives of the project were to obtain yield responses based on soil tests & efficiency of different fertilizers along with their methods of application. Information generated was disseminated to the farmers, dealers, distributors and merchants to improve fertilizer use efficiency as well as to increase crop yields for ensuring food security. Read more