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The Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA) also arranges farmers’ gathering/training program each and every year at different locations in the country where the NARS scientists are invited to interact with the farmers on various issues related to soil fertility and crop production.

BFA is the ‘A’ class active member-organization of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI). BFA has a monthly publication named URBORA in Bengali since 1999, which focuses up to date information and extension message on fertilizer and fertilizer use, and crop production technology. BFA also publishes a half yearly international standard scientific journal named Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture and Environment (BJAE) where many of the papers cover fertilizer and soil related research activities.

The Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA) is a partner of International Potash Institute (IPI) training programs for fertilizer dealers. One fertilizer dealers training program was organized by IPI-BRRI-BFA on 12 December 2005 in Dhaka and another at Tangail on 17 September 2006 on the Importance of Balanced Fertilization for Crop Production.

The Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA)-IPI- BRRI-IFDC is going to organize an International Workshop on ‘Balanced Fertilization for Increasing and Sustaining Crop Productivity’ which will be held on 30 March-01 April-2008 at Dhaka.. BFA’s technical advisory committee consisting of agricultural scientists from various disciplines is contributing on national policies on efficient use of fertilizer and fertilizer materials as well as on crop production.